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How many remotes do you have in your house?  I counted mine and came up with eight: two TVs, one sound system, one Blu-ray player, one DVD player/sound system, one Roku box, a remote for the ceiling fan, and a keypad for the alarm system.  We also have a programmable thermostat (don’t have a Nest yet, but would love one!), an electric garage door opened, two switch-operated gas fireplaces, a video baby monitor, and about 35 different lighting options throughout the whole house.  This may sound like a lot, but my house is not particularly large or overly “wired.”  Go ahead and make a mental tally of the electronics in your house, and you might be surprised to find you have as many as I do, if not more!

Thankfully my child isn’t tall enough to operate the light switches yet without help, but for those of you who have older children or teenagers, you know that turning off lights in your house can be a never-ending chore.  The previously discussed Lutron AuroRa can help minimize the task of controlling lights by providing control of up to five switches from a central location.  However, that doesn’t address the eight controllers cluttering your coffee table, or the myriad other electronic devices scattered throughout your home.

Our friends over at Colorado Media Systems recently installed a Control4 system in a home that we remodeled, and it is the answer to the problem of gadget clutter.  The Control4 system allows you to control your home theater, dim lights, adjust temperature, see who is at the front door, and close the garage door after you leave home.  You can also set it up to control your sprinklers, lock your doors, and even notify you when the kids get home from school.  The controls can be accessed from a remote, PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android, whether you’re at home or vacationing in Paris.

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard enough time remembering how to tell my TV whether I want input from the DVD player or the cable box.  The idea of controlling everything from a single device is a bit overwhelming to me.  The good news is that with the Control4, you can start small and add on as desired.  You can start with just controlling your home theater system and gradually expand that to include dimming the lights as your movie comes on, turning the ceiling fans on as the temperature dips in the evening, and streaming music to your bedroom when you get up in the morning.  The other good news is that it works nearly wirelessly, so the technology can, in most cases, be applied to your existing electronics.

The Control4 can only be installed by an authorized dealer, so you get the peace of mind knowing that when you try to lock your front door from the office, it isn’t opening your garage door instead.  Colorado Media Systems  is a local dealer that we recommend.  If the only thing stopping you from installing a Control4 system in your home is that, well, your home just isn’t worth the investment, contact us today about building you a custom home that is!  Or let us evaluate your current home to see if some upgrades and renovations are in order.  Whenever you’re ready to make the next step in making your dream home a reality, we hope you’ll let us come along.

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