Remember the old “clap on, clap off” commercials from back in the day?  While the ability to control your lights and appliances by clapping was cutting edge in the 80’s, we’ve come a long way since then.  Now you can control lights throughout your whole house from the comfort of your bed or the security of your car.  There a several wireless lighting options available, but our owner, Lain Chappell, and his wife, Barbara, have been particularly pleased with the Lutron AuroRa system.

As you can imagine, when you’ve spent the day meeting all the demands that go along with being a custom home builder, the last thing you want to do when you’ve finally turned in for the night is to get out of your nice warm bed to investigate a mysterious sound your loving spouse heard coming from somewhere in the house.  But when you’re the one who heard the mysterious sound, the only thing worse than having to get out of bed to investigate is to try to go to sleep when you think there might be an intruder in your home!  We’ve never been in your home at night to see if this has played out in your marriage, but we’re guessing it’s a familiar scenario.

Enter the Lutron AuroRa!  The Lutron AuroRa system comes with five dimmer switches, a tabletop controller, car visor controller, and master antenna.  Simply change out five switches in your home with Lurton dimmer switches and plug in the central antenna, and you can turn your lights on and off from the switch, your bedroom, your car, or wherever you choose to keep the wireless controllers.

With the Lutron, you never have to worry about walking into a dark house or things that go bump in the night.

And, unlike the Clapper, you also don’t have to worry that an innocent round of applause might set off a disco party in your living room.

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