What Style of Stove are You?

20121115_182115Whether you sport the latest in fashion or take pride in a vintage persona, the products available to portray your sense of style and personality are not limited to a Gucci handbag or a ‘57 Corvette, but extend to cooking instruments found in kitchens all over the world. Yes, I am talking about the stove and rangetop.

With many people choosing to make the stove and rangetop the centerpiece of the kitchen, it is no wonder that manufacturers have gone to great lengths to incorporate a vast array of styles and functionality into their products.   Today you can get a stove in a sleek, modern design, wearing metallic hues in warm or cool tones, or plump and round dressed in fire engine red and adorned with big, black knobs, in compact or grandiose size.  Rangetops can be customized with any combination of burners, griddles, char broilers and 20121115_182143French tops, offered in a vast array of cooking technologies – gas, electric, dual fuel, induction or steam – oh my!

Along with shape, size and color, we must also acknowledge the way a sense of style makes one feel.  Recently, I stepped into a kitchen equipped with a mammoth, stainless steel stove that had a rangetop equipped with every option available (at least I think it did, since I wasn’t sure what some of the features were actually used for nor owned enough pans and skillets to utilize every burner).  To be honest, this was not my sense of style when it comes to a stove, but that of a world renowned chef.  With its big red knobs staring back at me, I couldn’t help but address it as “Hey, big boy!” and continued to have a short conversation with it, pleading it to “be nice” as if the stove’s door was 20121115_180700going to open up and swallow me whole.   As weird as this might sound, this stove intimidated me immensely.   On the other hand, my friend, who is not a world renowned chef, thinks she is when cooking on her stove.

So whether your stove style is modern and sleek or bright and pot bellied, or you desire gas over induction, you can be assured there is a stove and rangetop to fit everyone’s style and personality on the market today.  Some of my favorite products can be viewed at www.wolfappliance.com, and www.thermador.com.

Happy shopping!

Barbara Chappell
Solid Rock Custom Homes

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