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As a Colorado Custom Home Builder and Remodeler we have seen housing trends come and go, but one trend that looks like it may be here to stay is rooms designed to promote physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. From Himalayan Salt Rooms, to Relaxation Rooms, and Spas equipped with massage tables, rain showers, saunas and steam rooms. What used to be deemed as lavish amenities are now considered a necessity by some and are providing homeowners’ health of mind, body and spirit from within the comfort of their own home.

Known for providing an array of respiratory and skin health benefits, Himalayan Salt is being incorporated into homes in the way of individual salt rooms, chambers and/or salt walls. Along with its health benefits, Himalayan salt is a beautiful mineral, ranging in color from light pink to red and off-white to transparent. Himalayan salt can provide a calming ambience in any room.

Relaxation Rooms
Zen, relaxation room.

It’s now a well known fact that stress takes a toll on your overall health. Relaxation Rooms designed solely to unwind and achieve a peaceful state of mind and body are also in high demand.   The beauty behind the Relaxation Room is, it can be as small and basic or as massive as one’s heart desires in order to create a blissful oasis.  Your relaxation room can include a bean bag or recliner, a water feature or salt water pool. Whatever helps one achieve a restful state of being can be incorporated into the Relaxation Room.

The home SPA takes on different forms depending on one’s needs, desires, and budget. However, saunas and steam rooms are becoming more popular and are being designed as cohesive parts of the  spa-like bathroom or utilized as free standing units.  Saunas provide dry heat and steam rooms provide moist heat; both offering a variety of health and therapeutic benefits.

Sauna Room Relaxation Rooms
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Light and sound therapy rooms have been found to aid in psychological well-being, helping individuals overcome anxiety, depression and ADD.

The home spa would not be complete without Hydrotherapy.  Showers equipped with rain shower heads and multi jetted walls offer a relaxing or invigorating experience.  One can soak in a salt water pool or lounge in a heated, tiled recliner while the soothing sound of water cascades over a wall – calming the mind, soul and body.

Of course to top off the spa experience, a massage room allows a massage therapist to eliminate mental and physical fatigue in the comfort of your own massage bed.

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Whatever your health needs are,  whether you have a large or small home or budget, these wellness rooms are something to consider when designing your new, custom home or remodel.  Remember, you are worth it!  We wish you a happy and healthy life.

If you would like to discuss adding a health room to your current home or have dreams of building one into your custom home. We would love to talk with you! Please contact us today.




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