2017 Bathroom Trends

Top Bathroom Trends

A bathroom is typically not the most exciting or fashionable space in the home. However, it is a place where family members spend a lot of time. Transforming an outdated, dull bathroom space into a modern sanctuary provides a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Bathroom renovations also offer a high resale value, which is important if you’re planning to sell your home in the next few years. As you plan your upcoming renovation or remodel, consider the following 2017 bathroom trends.

Bathroom TrendsInnovative use of natural materials
Many homeowners are choosing natural materials for their bathroom renovations. Focus on selecting new, functional pieces with clean colors and seamless lines to create organic coziness and elegance in your bathroom. For example, think about fitting a wood vanity with a marble countertop and a steel sink. For flooring consider; bamboo, cork, hardwood, and even sea glass. Bamboo and cork materials are very dense and resilient to mold and moisture, making them great additions to any bathroom.

Bathroom Trends custom showerBold yet practical materials
Functional shouldn’t mean boring. Choosing one or two unusual fixtures or features in a bathroom makes a bold statement, creating a natural focal point. For example, an unusual bathtub will stand out against traditional bathroom tiles and flooring. If you prefer standard bathroom features, look for vivid colors and unusual finishes, such as metals, to give your bathroom a unique edge.

Organic touches
One of a kind bathroom fixtures and features appeal to many modern homeowners, particularly millennial homeowners. Choosing handmade or custom designed bathroom components ensures that no two pieces are exactly the same. A minor imperfection in a wood vanity or flooring panel gives it character, making the bathroom feel original to the home.

Bathroom TrendsSeemingly effortless balance
To achieve an elegant, polished bathroom aesthetic, the design must look like it was carefully planned without being overly precise. A well-thought out layout with a few deliberate lines and curves is pleasing to the eye while a rigid line pattern comes off as a bit cold and sterile. Strive for that sweet spot between classic and modern, warm and minimalistic, and innovative and natural.

Mediterranean-inspired designs
Taking inspiration from ancient Spanish, Moroccan, and Portuguese designs allows you to combine Old-World style with a little glamor. Consider pairing hand-painted terracotta with modern metallic, using mosaic tiles as an accent in a shower or tub, or mixing timeless arabesque patterns with retro 1970s shades. Choose neutral tiles for a classically Tuscan aesthetic or opt for bold, colorful tiles to give your bathroom a modern Mediterranean flare.

Green, living plant features
Adding plants to a bathroom brings a bit of the outdoors inside, making you feel as though you’re showering or bathing in a tropical getaway. Plants also clean the air, adding fresh oxygen and filtering out pollutants, and help balance out the humidity in the bathroom, combating an ongoing issue for every homeowner. Even a single plant adds to the ambiance in a bathroom. Popular bathroom plants include orchids, spider plants, aloe, bamboo, and snake plants.

Brass accents
Brass accents are making a major comeback in home construction and renovation. Brass fixtures pair beautifully with marble and metal, although you shouldn’t feel limited to these options. Consider finishing white or gray bathroom fixtures with brass accents and then add one or two pops of color in the room. If you’re looking for a quick update to your existing bathroom features, think about giving them a couple of coats of brass spray paint.

Bathroom trends darker colorsDarker colors
Most homeowners are wary of using dark colors in bathrooms because bathroom spaces tend to be small. When used strategically, dark colors will actually make the room look bigger. For example, painting the wall opposite the door a dark color will draw visitors into the room. Dark colors will also add to the luxurious, relaxing nature of the bathroom. The most popular darker color for 2017 is gray, with many homeowners opting for gorgeous slate features for their bathroom renovations. If you aren’t crazy about gray, consider dark green, which serves as an updated alternative to navy and midnight blue.

Matte finishes
While you’re considering clean colors to bring your bathroom up to date this year, focus on matte finishes as opposed to bright, high shine tiles. If you’ve opted for a trendy dark color, matte finishes will be the perfect fit, giving the space a classy, timeless feel. Dark gray and black matte finishes are popular for faucets, showers, handles, and drawer pulls. A matte finish also brings contrast into the overall color scheme in the room to give it more visual interest. Finally, matte finishes don’t show water spots and dirt the way high shine tiles do, keeping the bathroom looking its best.

Ease of use
Practicality is key for modern homeowners who work long hours and don’t want to spend hours cleaning. Think about comfort-height or floating vanities and toilets, no-threshold showers, and side-mount faucets. Curbless showers are another great option. They make the bathroom look bigger, and they’re easier to clean. As you get older, you don’t have to worry about difficulties with getting in and out of the shower. A combination bathtub/shower wet room also offers easy accessibility while providing a neat design aesthetic.

Before undergoing any major home renovation, it’s important to do your research. Browse for inspiration online or in catalogs. When it’s time for your renovation, utilize an architect and interior decorator for the latest trends and best use for your unique space.

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