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As we’ve mentioned before, disasters are a prime opportunity for people of low character to try to take advantage of disaster victims.  Don’t let your friends (or yourself!) become victim to a scam!  The Colorado Springs Home Builders Association has put together this list of tips to make sure the builder you choose is legitimate.  Of course, we would love the opportunity to be your builder, but we don’t want to see anyone get hurt by scammers, so whether you choose to go with us or someone else for your rebuild, keep these tips in mind:


What to Expect From Your Builder

When looking for a builder, it is important to keep some key points in mind, most of all, make sure they are licensed and local.  As the home owner you must be able to communicate well with your builder and feel confident that they will hear your concerns.  The following points are what you should (or should not) expect from your builder:

1.       Builder should – Develop Scope of Loss

2.       Regional Building Department(RBD) will issue a “debris removal” permit to:  Homeowner, Licensed Demolition Contractor or Licensed General Contractor(with a “C” license or better) – Builder may or may not be involved in this process

3.       Licensed Utility Contractor will need to properly cap of utilities and call for inspections – Builder should at minimum assist in this process

4.       RBD will issue wrecking permit for uninhabitable structures damaged by fire and foundation removal once utility inspection is complete(complete backfill of foundation hole not necessary if rebuild within 180 days) – Builder should at minimum assist in this process

5.       Builder should conduct Design/Build Meeting with Homeowner

6.       Builder should complete design work and construction drawings

7.       Builder will submit construction drawings to RBD, work with RBD for Approval, and pull permit once approved

8.       Builder will work with Fire District for their approval of plans

9.       Builder will construct the home in accordance with National, State and Local codes

10.     Builder will deliver finished home and Certificate of Occupancy from RBD

If at any time during the process you find that your builder is deviating from these requirements, please contact the BBB and the CSHBA immediately.

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