Colorado Springs Home Builders

Colorado Springs in High Regards for Best Places to Live As Colorado Springs has lived in the shadow of its thriving economic and cultural metropolitan sister, Denver, the ranking second best city to live in the U.S., published by...

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The Three Types of Home Builds

Types of Home Builds - Custom Home Builder Colorado Springs

3 Types of Home Builds: Building the Home That’s Right for You The Colorado Springs housing market is booming. Existing homes stay on the market, in many cases, for only a matter of hours; while it seems that new...

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Custom Home Builder Colorado Springs

Solid Rock Custom Homes is excited to announce one of our new projects in the works! This charming homestead will be built on a spectacular, quiet stretch of landscape out on the plains in eastern Colorado Springs. Against the...

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Housing Tastes- Solid Rock Custom Homes: Millennial vs. Baby Boomer

There’s nothing better than getting handed the keys to your new home. It’s something that you’ve worked for, and finally have to chance to enjoy whether by yourself or with loved ones. However, housing tastes aren’t the same for...

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Interior Design Custom Home

You want your home to be a special environment, where you feel relaxed, inspired, and safe. Creating the right atmosphere, however, isn’t always easy. Yes, you can follow tips about the right décor to use, but they aren’t tailored...

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Care for your hardwood floors in your custom home

Choosing hardwood floors for you custom home, delivers an elegant presentation that infuses a sense of stability and beauty into your home. The beautiful gleam of hardwood floors is easy to maintain when you follow a few simple guidelines...

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Solid Rock Custom Homes presents the best wine for entertaining

Your custom home is a great place for entertaining. Everything built to your taste and style, your friends and family will be in awe at every gathering. But, your beautiful home won’t be all that they notice. With this...

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Timeless Style

Solid Rock Custom Homes presents creating your timeless style

You’ll love a timeless look for your custom home. Have you found yourself reading article after article on the latest trends, flipping through countless photographs, obsessing over what new look to choose for your home; reading, saving, and pinning?...

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Let’s Talk Garage Doors

Solid Rock Custom Homes Exteriors

With the beautiful exterior of your home, is it time for an update on your existing garage door? As an attractive garage door will significantly increase its appeal.  Your garage door is an extension of your home’s exterior, so...

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Solid Rock Custom Homes Outdoor Kitchen

You can maximize your backyard year-round and develop the perfect space for entertaining with an outdoor kitchen. As functional as your indoor kitchen, and equally welcoming and inviting for your guests, outdoor kitchens range from simple setups to more elaborate...

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2017 Bathroom Trends

Top Bathroom Trends

A bathroom is typically not the most exciting or fashionable space in the home. However, it is a place where family members spend a lot of time. Transforming an outdated, dull bathroom space into a modern sanctuary provides a...

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Congratulations to David and Paula on the completion of their extraordinary custom home in Woodland Park! We were honored to host a barbecue for their friends and family and had a great time showing our work and meeting so...

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