Interior Design Custom Home

You want your home to be a special environment, where you feel relaxed, inspired, and safe. Creating the right atmosphere, however, isn’t always easy. Yes, you can follow tips about the right décor to use, but they aren’t tailored...

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Timeless Style

Solid Rock Custom Homes presents creating your timeless style

You’ll love a timeless look for your custom home. Have you found yourself reading article after article on the latest trends, flipping through countless photographs, obsessing over what new look to choose for your home; reading, saving, and pinning?...

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Retro decorating

Need a little Andy Warhol in your life?  Retro style home décor is back in. The mix of old decorating styles and new is being used by many modern homeowners. The options are many, from the bold prints of...

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bohemian style bedroom

Turkish design is as rich and captivating as the country’s history.  Bring new cultural flavors to your bohemian space with these five versatile pieces. Exquisite and enchanting, they will bestow your home with a unique sense of eclectic wonder....

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