Retro decorating

Need a little Andy Warhol in your life? 

Retro style home décor is back in. The mix of old decorating styles and new is being used by many modern homeowners. The options are many, from the bold prints of the seventies to fifties appeal in the form of oversized light fixtures and Victorian furniture. The home decorating trends and styles from the past times are currently (and, for some extent, have always) had a great influence on the modern interior decorating themes. Keep in mind that there is nothing laid-back or casual when it comes to retro style decorating and if you love a loud and busy interior, then this is the style for you.

You can make your retro style décor home a reality with some simple ideas.

Retro Style Furniture
Retro style furniture is bold and owns the limelight among other decorative pieces in the interior. Most retro-style furniture is usually curvilinear or circular, but there are other forms too. You can use modern finishes on your retro furniture to make it more appealing. Imagine retro-style furniture paired up with modern leather, lacquer finished, or made from modern wood. The combination of retro and modern often results in a style that is not only unique, but breathtaking. Visit furniture stores that sell retro-looking furniture lines for more ideas on the best retro style furniture for your home.

Bold Colors and Patterns
Bold colors and patterns are a large part of retro styling. Consider loud patterns for your wallpaper, murals, or paint and colors like avocado green, mustard yellow, purple, hot pink, and combinations of black, brown, red, and white. Use bold fabrics for your furniture and other coordinating textiles like window treatment and rugs. You can have fun, but, be careful in your selection to avoid going overboard. Do your matching and pairing carefully so that you can accentuate the retro style in a way that makes your home interesting AND inviting.

Retro Decorating

The Subtle Retro Style
If you would prefer to play down the big and bold retro styling, consider pastels and muted variations of the bold colors or using smaller prints and patterns. Use neutrals on the furnishings, wall coverings, and flooring. Combining solids and patterns is also a great way to incorporate that subtle hint of the retro style.

Retro Accents
When it comes to retro accents and accessories; consider fuzzy throw rugs, lava lamps, scoop stools, door beads, art and sculptures. For the art and sculptures, consider the abstract pieces for best effect rather than landscapes and still life.

Retro Flooring & Lighting
The flooring in retro style decorating is important; for the best effect consider flooring options such as shag carpeting, natural wood, and that bold mix of floor tiles put in a checkerboard pattern. As for the lighting, consider floor lamps, a multi-colored chandelier, or tasseled or square shades for your lamps.

Retro style decorating requires a creative combination of shapes, textures, and colors to create as unique a look as the era that inspired it. Retro is in; explore all options and conduct further research on more impressive retro-style designs for your home.

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    • Ralph Hughes Reply

      July 25, 2017 at 11:03 am.

      Retro style decor is a modern way that gives a new shape to your home. Beautiful furniture’s, home accessories, flooring styling and color patterns is magnificent retro design for your house.

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