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You’ll love a timeless look for your custom home.

Have you found yourself reading article after article on the latest trends, flipping through countless photographs, obsessing over what new look to choose for your home; reading, saving, and pinning? Deciding on a new or updated style for your home can be stressful. You want an elegant look that is fresh and relevant today; without falling prey to a trend that will become outdated in only a few years. You want a style and design that is truly timeless.

Timeless design adheres to styles, colors, and composition that captures a classic look; it suggests confidence and every element is created to last.

To acquire that timeless and classic design; envision simple and sophisticated. This does not mean boring or bland, timeless elements are quaint and confident. Steer away from bold colors and loudly patterned fabrics, oversized knick-knacks and clutter; this tends to under size the room. Classic looks incorporate neutral colors; variations of whites, creams, and greys that add a sharp and clean feel to every room. To accentuate these neutrals, splashes of black, navy blue, or dark green will beautifully blend with these neutral colors. Adhere to natural materials; wood, stone and natural fibres.

Timeless design can replicate eras of time; think Greco-Roman and impress with shades of stone. Begin with a simple color on the wall, highlight with a statue or a bust, and enclose the ceiling with bold architectural design. Fast forward to the western era, look for inspiration in wood accents. Splash the walls with a crème and emphasize with hints of teal pieces – pottery or throw pillows to round out the rod-iron side tables. A home that utilizes a timeless effect will frame its architecture, interiors will pull from neutral resources and always present a “staying power.”

Stay away from overly puffed couches with vivid patterns and steer clear of anything that is oversized in general, as it will undersize your room and overall vision. Once the room feels cluttered and overrun with busy patterns you have lost the look you are attempting to achieve. For a timeless look, leave that heavy floral couch at the door, instead, go for sleek and elegant pieces that will emphasize the negative space of every room.

Introducing timeless pieces to your home can include the use of stressed woods, subtle patterns and neutral tones. Textured items, such as rugs and ottomans, will have longevity as they present a pleasing contrast against the traditional tones and clean lines of the room. Splurge on items that will remain in the home for a period of time; such as dining room tables, beds, cabinets, flooring, etc. Invest in an antiquated piece that accents the theme as it presents a sense of history. Every element should complement a room with simplicity and elegance.

Remember, the underlying key to a timeless look to choose the pieces based on what makes you happy and comfortable, do not look to impress anyone other than yourself. Every style choice should be inspired by what overall look you want to achieve to create a space that is truly yours.

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    - Kate Young

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      October 2, 2017 at 10:44 am.

      I like this article. It tells on how to improve your house and what design you are comfortable.

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