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Turkish design is as rich and captivating as the country’s history.  Bring new cultural flavors to your bohemian space with these five versatile pieces. Exquisite and enchanting, they will bestow your home with a unique sense of eclectic wonder.

1. The Kilim rug 
Kilim rugs are defined by their pileless texture created by flat weaving and variously colored wefts and warps. The process produces bold, sharp patterns, and geometrical designs. Kilims’ cheerful and unique color-texture-pattern combination makes them a beautiful complement to more minimal modern furnishings.

Place a Kilim rug as an accent in a room of neutrals, or choose one that will tie together your room’s diverse color palette. Prefer a softer rug effect? Select an older, more faded Kilim of natural hues.

And there’s no need to limit your Kilim rug to the living room floor. The Kilim’s flatweave makes it a practical option for the kitchen or bathroom too, where it will add coziness and character. Also, consider a Kilim for a bold and modern wall-hanging, or use it to reinvigorate a tired bench or divan.

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2. The Turkish towel 
Turkey is known for producing some of the highest quality cotton products in the world, among them the Turkish bath towel (also known as fouta, pestemal, or hammam towel). These lightweight, fast drying, and ultra-absorbent towels give a fun, bohemian edge to virtually any bathroom style.

Choose bright colors to contrast against white or light walls and fixtures, or muted tones to create an earthy or luxuriously soft bathroom feel. Classic stripes or busier diamond patterns add interest, while block colors provide bold statement pieces.

Turkish towels are a great way to play with texture. You’ll find them in everything from rough honeycomb weaves to soft, terry-cloth backed cotton. Look out for knotted fringes as a subtle, culturally inspired design detail.

Beyond your bathroom, Turkish towels make delightful tablecloths or runners, and of course they’re easy to wash and dry for when there’s a spill. Or consider a Turkish towel in place of a traditional throw blanket. The towel’s serviceability makes it a worthy investment for any budget.

3. The mosaic lamp 
Turkish and Moroccan mosaic lampshades are crafted using cut glass pieces of assorted colors, pieced together to produce intricate designs. The patterns they cast on the walls and ceiling create a stunning bohemian ambience.

Turkish shades are available as table lamps, wall sconces and Kandil lamps, as well as ceiling lights, where several shades are sometimes strung together at varying heights to create a striking chandelier.

The diversity of Turkish lights means they can work in any room of your home. Hang a chandelier in a high-ceilinged entryway for a touch of eastern opulence, or place a mosaic shade on a table- or floor lamp for a cozy reading corner in your living room or bedroom. No room for an extra light? Hang a mini shade in a sunny window for an alluring kaleidoscope–perfect in a kitchen or bathroom.

4. The Turkish pillow 
For a timeless splash of color and culture, look no further than the Turkish pillow. Often made from kilim rugs, these pillows are a great way to get the kilim look on a smaller scale.

For an investment piece, you can find pillows made from valuable antique kilims. More affordable versions use kilim-patterned fabric. Handy with a sewing machine? Salvage part of an old rug, have it cleaned, and get to work with a large needle and sturdy thread. Back with a simple upholstery linen, canvas or muslin, and consider using a down insert for extra comfort.

Turkish pillows come in infinite patterns and colors, from geometric shapes in spice shades to washed out hues of cream and brown. When grouping pillows on a couch or bed, look for covers that share a common color or texture. Large pillows make sturdy and stylish floor cushions and poufs, too.

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5. Turkish ceramics
Over thousands of years, numerous civilizations in the Anatolian region of Turkey have contributed to the country’s ceramic production, earning Turkey the title of the ‘land of ceramics’. Today, Turkey is home to some of the most sophisticated ceramics technology and most talented designers in the world.

There’s no need to choose between style and function when shopping ceramics. Select small ceramic bowls in rich colors and elaborate designs to hold jewelry or coins, or to organize office supplies. In the kitchen, Turkish dishware evokes the colors and wonder of the bazaar, and provides an enchanting juxtaposition to sleeker, more modern furniture and fittings.

To add a touch of Turkish to your walls, choose between endless beautiful ceramic tiles in floral or geometric designs. If your budget won’t stretch to enough tiles for an entire wall or backsplash, hang a tile panel as wall art. 

The beauty of Turkish design is in its variety and distinctiveness. Have fun mixing different pieces, and don’t be afraid to combine traditional and contemporary, bold and subtle. Your boho home is the perfect canvas for some personalized Turkish flair.

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