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You can maximize your backyard year-round and develop the perfect space for entertaining with an outdoor kitchen. As functional as your indoor kitchen, and equally welcoming and inviting for your guests, outdoor kitchens range from simple setups to more elaborate layouts. Whether you design your kitchen yourself or hire Solid Rock Custom Homes to help you, these tips can help you get the ideal kitchen for your needs. 

Design the Floor Plan

The floor plan is the key to building a great outdoor kitchen. Because it maximizes the space that you have, it is important to choose the right layout. You want one that is functional and allows you to move around efficiently. Before selecting a floor plan, decide what appliances you want and how much space you have in your backyard. Both of those factors will influence the outcome of your project. Here are some of the most common designs:  

.   Standalone counter – This layout is usually installed against a wall. It is ideal for smaller or less costly kitchens. 

.   U-shape – Great for larger outdoor kitchens, the U-shape floor kitchen makes the backyard a focal point. 

.   Island – In this design, the grill and other appliances are clustered together in a central island.  

Outdoor Kitchen - Luxurious Home Remodeling Projects

Choose the Right Materials 

It is important to choose the right materials for your outdoor kitchen. Proper flooring will add durability and value to your kitchen, as well as complete the overall look. Think about the types of entertaining you will be doing in your kitchen. If your outdoor space is on a deck, consider installing a structural underlayment, which acts as a substructure for a wide variety of decking materials. An underlayment allows you to quickly and easily turn your wood flooring into stone. This is especially if you plan to have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, as either can make a wood deck a fire hazard.

Select a Location

Choosing the right location is critical when it comes to designing outdoor kitchen. You will want to think about safety first. Therefore, avoid installing your kitchen next to the area where your kids play in the backyard. Also, carefully consider wind direction when choosing a location for your kitchen, to help ensure that smoke from your barbecue will not waft back into the house. As you will likely be carrying heavy trays of food back and forth between your outdoor and indoor kitchens, choose a spot that provides easy access to both.  


Solid Rock Custom Homes Outdoor Kitchen


Even if you design and furnish your outdoor kitchen yourself, some things are best left to professionals, such as maintaining compliance with local codes, installing electrical connections, and connecting your indoor sink to a was line. If you desire a gas cooking grill, a licensed professional will be required to to install gas lines. Solid Rock Custom Homes will walk you through every step of the outdoor kitchen remodel process, from design to installation of appliances and selections. 

The above tips will help you plan the perfect outdoor kitchen for your needs. Solid Rock Custom Homes will turn your plans into an extraordinary space for you and your family. An outdoor kitchen is a great investment for any home. Outdoor kitchens add value to your backyard as they provide additional space for entertaining as well as for daily living.


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