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As the Colorado winter temperatures continue to chill us to the bone, our clients building custom, luxury homes, or remodeling an existing home, are investing money to shake the shivers by taking the chill out of everything from the kitchen counter to the bathroom throne.

Granite and stone countertops are beautiful, luxurious and highly desired in a custom home but can feel cold to the touch. Along with the discomfort caused by leaning up against the cold surface, these countertops can turn a hot plate of food into a cold one quickly. To remedy this frigid problem, “feel warm” technology is used in ultra thin heating elements to eliminate the cold touch of stone, creating an evenly heated surface that is pleasant to the touch. These units are custom-engineered for granite and stone countertops to accommodate the shape, wattage and electrical input needs, can be fully integrated or utilized as standard stick on mats, while operating for only pennies per day.

No More Cold Floors and Countertops - Radiant Heat - Colorado Springs Custom Home Builder - Solid Rock Custom Homes
Radiant heat provides a consistent comfortable warmth.

No More Cold Floors and Countertops

Heated floors chase away the chills by providing warmth underfoot. Radiant floor heating is supplied through either electric or hydronic systems that deliver an even heat from below, which tends to warm up the whole body and its surroundings. These systems can be used for whole house heating or desired areas only, with any type of flooring, easily designed and installed for the new home build, or retrofitted for the existing home remodel.
For the bath enthusiast, you no longer have to sink into a hot tub of water while holding your breath as you lean back against a cold surface. Tub manufacturers have incorporated heated tub surfaces with adjustable temperature settings to offer soothing warmth for your back and neck.


No More Cold Floors and Countertops - Heated Towel Warmer - Colorado Springs Custom Home Builder - Solid Rock Custom Homes
Never shiver after showers again with a heated towel warmer.

Heated towel warmers are all about indulgence. You can look forward to getting out of the warmth of the shower or bath if you know you are going to enjoy the bliss of wrapping up in a toasty towel. Wall mounted towel warmers range in size and railing capacity to accommodate regular or oversized towels, are hardwired into your electrical system, and range in price from around $200 dollars into the thousands.

No More Cold Floors and Countertops - Numi-Toilet - Colorado Springs Custom Home Builder - Solid Rock Custom Homes
Warm seating and self-cleaning!

Although heated toilet seats have been around for a while, fully integrated, heated toilets have made their début in grandiose style. In luxury homes, the throne has become a beautiful statement piece that offers ultimate functionality, from warming up the buns and feet to cleaning itself. This might be considered an extravagant item, but guaranteed, once you sit on one of these heated thrones you will have a hard time going back to a cold seat.

Whether you are looking to heat up the kitchen counter or your derriére, these hot items are small ways to increase your comfort and engage in a life of luxury.

Which of these custom features would you like to have in your custom home?  Contact us today for a warmer tomorrow.

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