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The thought of remodeling your home may have come during your morning cup of coffee, as a child crawled over your lap to get to a chair at the kitchen table, tucked tightly into the corner of your cramped kitchen. It may have occurred while you slept on the couch and your guests enjoyed your master bedroom. Or maybe it was during the morning rotation schedule to use the one, small bathroom in your home. Whatever your remodeling needs are summertime is the ideal time to complete them.

Summertime is the perfect time to remodel your home because while you are enjoying the fresh air of the great outdoors construction can be underway inside, being less interruptive to your daily life. Days are longer, and weather is generally nicer, allowing building supplies to be stored outside. Messy prep work or wood cutting can occur outside instead of inside, and home additions can be built without delays due to bad weather. The nicer weather also allows you to open up the windows to air out any chemical smells or dust created during the construction process. Best of all, your remodeling project can be completed before colder weather arrives and can be enjoyed by all during the holiday season. Some of the most invasive home remodeling projects to consider during the summertime includes kitchen and bathroom remodels, additions, and new windows.

Summertime Home Remodel
The kitchen tends to be the gathering place for most families, regardless of its size, and needs to be functional. In order to create a functional kitchen it may simply require a reconfiguration of the existing space. If the kitchen needs to be enlarged an addition could be added or square footage utilized from surrounding areas.   Either way, the kitchen will be non-functional for the duration of the remodel, leaving you without a place to prepare and eat meals. Summertime allows you to barbecue and eat outside, sparing you from having to eat out for every meal and saving you big bucks in the end.

Bathroom remodels can be a little more difficult to contend with, especially if it is the only bathroom in the home with a shower or bathtub. Unless you have an alternative source, like the YMCA, to take a shower and get ready for daily life at, a bathroom remodel can be very inconvenient and downright stressful. Of course, with it being summertime, this would be a great time to take a vacation and enjoy the bathroom accommodations in your hotel room, or go camping, while your remodeling contractor creates your bathroom oasis.

A home addition is a remodel that requires the cooperation of Mother Nature. The summer months offer better weather and longer days for the project to be completed in. Foundation pouring and exterior framing are less likely to be delayed due to bad weather. Structural damage is less likely to occur, due to less moisture, until the structure becomes sealed up with roofing, windows and doors. Framing timbers can be cut outside, keeping the saw dust outside. Windows can be opened, and the warm summer breeze will help speed up the drywall mud and texture process, along with airing out any unwanted fumes. Exterior painting and/or stucco can be completed and gutters and downspouts installed.

Lastly, replacing the old windows in your home with new, energy efficient windows will not only update the exterior appearance of your home but will save you money on your energy bills. New windows will add value to your home and you can expect the rate of return on your investment to be between 65.7% – 79.3%, according to the Remodeling 2014 cost vs value report. Once again, summer weather allows your home to go without windows while the new ones are being installed.

Summertime is here, and will be gone before you know it, so begin your home remodel today. If you need some help with design ideas is a great resource. While you are on check out our Solid Rock Custom Homes page to view some of our remodeled projects.

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