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Being in the construction industry, I have an appreciation for tools.  After all, everyone knows that having the right tool for the job makes all the difference in the world when trying to accomplish any task – and do it well.  Having the right tools in the kitchen is no exception. Therefore, when creating your dream kitchen, it is important to consult with an appliance specialist to ensure you are purchasing the right “tools” to accommodate you in your kitchen endeavors.

As a custom home builder in the Pikes Peak region, I rely on our specialists from Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery to educate me and my clients on the latest innovative kitchen appliances.   At a recent product demonstration of the GE Monogram Series, the dual-fuel gas range was the star of the show.  Renowned television chef, Martin Yan, prepared a variety of tantalizing chicken and shrimp stir fry recipes from his Asian cookbook Martin Yan Quick & Easy, using the reversible burner grate, which is contoured to accommodate round-bottom woks, and the rounded grille plate.  The Monogram Professional Range comes equipped with six dual flamed, sealed and stacked burners with reversible grates, and a center grill with adjustable heat up to 14,000 BTUs, with reversible plate, one side rounded for delicate foods and the other grooved to create sear marks.  Chef Yan grilled chicken and shrimp on the center grille while stir-frying the vegetables in multiple, wok-style skillets on the surrounding burners. The convenient positioning of the grille allowed him to scoop up the shrimp and chicken and add them to the skillets as needed.  Because the burners deliver a full spectrum of heat settings, ranging from an ultra-low temperature of 140 degrees F (roughly 1,000 BTUs) to an intense 18,000 BTUs, Chef Yan was able to slowly melt chocolate and prepare sauces using the low temperature setting on a flat burner without scalding them, while the 18,000 BTUs offered quick and consistent heating for the stir fry dishes, leaving the shrimp and chicken moist and tender.

The end result was amazing!  Chef Yan credited his successful preparation and quick cleanup to having the right tool in the kitchen: the GE Monogram Professional Range.  The unit is good-looking with its professional chef appearance, sleek stainless finish and large electronic control knobs, and offers not only a look of luxury, but great performance at a reasonable cost.

For further information on the GE Monogram line you may visit GE also offers recipes and foodcasts at -so check it out!

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Barbara Chappell
Vice President of Solid Rock Custom Homes

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    • Kathleen Reply

      March 30, 2012 at 8:12 am.

      I want one of this! It will look good in my kitchen 😀

      Featuring it in as a part of your custom home interior will entice the possible customer for sure.

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