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If you’ve spent much time browsing our site, you may have noticed references to “Build Tools” or perhaps seen the Client Login option at the top of our home page. Perhaps you’ve wondered, what is Build Tools? Ordinarily, we like to keep the answer to that question a mystery available only to our clients, but today, we’ll reveal some of the secrets of Build Tools so you can see what makes Solid Rock Custom Homes stand out as THE premier home builder in Colorado Springs.

When we talk to people who have built homes with other builders, these are some of the complaints we often hear:

  • “My house wasn’t finished when they said it would be finished.”
  • “They went over budget.”
  • “They didn’t keep me in the loop.”

This is not to say that there aren’t other reputable custom home builders in Colorado Springs, but you have to do your homework.  We are pleased to be able to say we have an excellent satisfaction rate, and Build Tools has played a big part in that.

To put it simply, Build Tools is your front row seat to the home building process.  Along with regular, personal communication, Build Tools allows our clients to see exactly what is being done on their home on a daily basis.  Many of our clients choose somewhat remote locations to build, which makes daily trips to the site impractical.  With Build Tools, you can make a virtual trip any time you want, from any web-enabled device!

In addition to seeing the progress on your home, you can also keep track of how that progress measures up against the timeline.  If you build a custom home with Solid Rock, not only does our integrity keep us from giving you the runaround, but Build Tools won’t let us!  You can log into Build Tools at any time and verify that we are adhering to the project timeline.

Build Tools also keeps track of your budget, including payment to construction professionals and the cost of your custom selections.  There’s no worry of going over budget, because you can see exactly how each dollar is being spent.

The feature that excites our clients the most is probably the regular photos.  Our most recent clients, who were living in Chicago while we were building their dream home in the Crystal Park area, had this to say:

My husband was obsessed with logging in every night to see if there were new pictures. It really felt like we were here for the process even though we weren’t. I mean, [Lain Chappell] took pictures of tile close-ups to make sure the grout was the color I picked, I mean, it was very detailed. It was something to look forward to, just getting home from a long day at work and seeing where we were in the process of our home being built out here.

If you’re considering building a custom home in Colorado Springs (or surrounding El Paso, Douglas, or Teller counties), make sure you hire a reputable builder, and make sure you have a way to keep them accountable. With Solid Rock Custom Homes, the only questions left are, what does my dream home look like, and when can we start?

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