Care for your hardwood floors in your custom home

Choosing hardwood floors for you custom home, delivers an elegant presentation that infuses a sense of stability and beauty into your home. The beautiful gleam of hardwood floors is easy to maintain when you follow a few simple guidelines regarding weekly and yearly cleaning strategies. Here is a look at the methods you should use to take proper care of the hardwood floors in your custom homes..


Protective Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Hardwood Floors


Before you even consider which cleaning strategies you need to use to keep your hardwood floors looking great, you should take steps to protect their surfaces. Place area rugs at all entrances to your home to help trap loose dirt and gravel from entering your home, and put floor protectors or area rugs beneath the legs of heavy pieces of furniture.  


Bi-Weekly Cleaning to Minimize Damage


The beauty of your floors is easily damaged when dirt and debris are allowed to sit on the floor for days at a time. Not only can scratches or deep gauges occur in the flooring’s surface but staining is also likely to develop when certain types of debris are involved, such as mud, gravel, kitty litter, food, medicines, crayons, and ink.


Similar types of damage can occur when you move furniture around in the room without using protective pads. Dirt becomes trapped beneath the legs of your sofa or bed and scratches the floor as you rag the furniture to a new position.


To avoid this type of damage, use a soft mop to collect debris from your hardwood floors at least twice a week to help prevent scratches and stains from occurring. Vacuum cleaners and brooms can do more harm than good, so you should avoid using them on your hardwood floors.


Scheduling Professional Cleaning Once a Year


At least once a year, you should bring in a professional flooring company into your custom home to clean your floors. You can arrange to have minor repairs handled at the same time. If your floors need major repairs, you might want to consider having those issues handled on a separate day. When a professional cleaning takes place, all of the surface dirt is removed along with accessible dirt within the crevices located between the planks of wood.  


When you choose wooden floors over tile or carpeting, the strategies you must use to maintain their beautiful gleam are easy to follow. The most important aspect of maintaining the beauty of hardwood is to avoid unnecessary scratches and staining by caring for your floors on a weekly basis. If you do notice any damage, simply hire a professional flooring company to come in and make the necessary repairs. Part of the appeal of hardwood floors is that scratches and stains are typically easy to repair.

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