Spring Design Trends

Spring is the time of year to make your world clean, fresh, and new. Start your personal spring renewal by bringing your interior design up to date. Find some inspiration in these 20 design trends for spring 2017.

Grass Green
Green is the hottest color in interior design this spring. You’ll see it everywhere from walls to linens to upholstery. Choose a bright green in a brightly lit living area or a pale green in the dining room.

Yellow Bursts
Yellow is popping up all over! Choose accents in this cheery color to add a burst of energy to any space. From a throw pillow to a picture frame, yellow accents will spread happiness throughout your home.

Spring design trends

Beige and Gray
Interior designers are calling it “greige.” It’s a mixture of beige and gray, and it’s the hot neutral this spring. Greige is the perfect combination of cool and trendy grays, and the warmth of a beige. It’s the perfect backdrop to the brighter colors of the season.

Muted Colors on Linens
Shake up your sheets this spring by transforming your bed with muted colors. Select light shades of blue, pink, and green, with gray tones to create a calming atmosphere at bedtime.

Emerald Green Bedroom Wall
If you aren’t into muted tones, you can still have a trendy bedroom this spring. Jewel colors are a romantic choice for your bedroom, and regal emerald green is popular this year. Use it on one wall of your bedroom, and paint the other walls a neutral ivory.

Tropical Floral Print
Prints are big and bold this season, and tropical designs are trending. Pick a floral design with bright flowers and palm trees, or go subtle with a print of green or brown ferns. Use these prints as wallpaper, on curtains, or on sofa pillows.

African Prints
African inspired prints are another popular theme this spring. Look specifically for prints of African animals like elephants, zebras and giraffes. Stripes work exceptionally well in this scheme, particularly when mixed into a print featuring rows of animals marching along in a line. Accent this décor with masks or animal sculptures.

Flamingos are 2017’s answer to the pineapples of last year. This spring you’ll see flamingos on everything from upholstery fabrics to wallpaper. For a more subtle way to take advantage of the flamingo craze, buy a small accent piece featuring one flamingo.

Bright Geometric Patterns
This spring, geometric prints meet the bright colors of the 80s. Consider pillows or shower curtains with bold blue, hot pink and bright yellow circles, squares and triangles flying through the design.

Mixed Patterns
Who says you can’t mix plaid and polka dots? Mixed patterns are huge this year, and it’s more than just pairing a floral comforter with plaid pillow cases. The patterns being mixed are all showing up on the same item. You’ll see these crazy quilt designs on everything from table linens to sofa covers. Any pattern goes, as long as the colors are consistent.

Spring’s most sophisticated texture is rich velvet. Use it in the bedroom or on an accent piece like an ottoman in your family room. Velvet throws are also beautiful on a living room sofa or bed. You’ll see most velvets this year in jewel tones.

Cork Walls
Fun meets functional when walls are covered in cork. Give yourself an oversized cork board in your home office or kitchen. You can use it to post family pictures, important notes and calendars.

Upholstered Headboards
Headboards are back in style and are especially popular when covered in cozy fabrics. It’s easy to create your own upholstered headboard using a piece of plywood, fabric and upholstery pins. Coordinate the fabric with your bed linens for a lovely look.

Wooden Furniture and Accents
You’ll see exposed wood everywhere this spring. Look for furniture crafted from natural-looking wood pieces. This is also a good time to scrape the paint off of your staircase, ceiling beams and repainted furniture to reveal the natural wood underneath.

Natural Edge Tables
A natural edge means that the person who created the furniture left the sides as rugged as possible, leaving rough, uneven edges on tables. This can even include bark that’s been left on the piece. Use a bench with a natural edge in your mudroom or entryway as a casual, pretty accent.

Metallic and Wood Mix
Choose accessories such as picture frames and knickknacks in a style that incorporates polished metal with natural wood. At first glance, these two materials may not seem to complement each other, but they do look amazing in large groups.

Black Stainless Kitchen
Stainless steel appliances remain the top choice for upscale kitchens, but the look has changed from a shiny gray to black. High-end refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers this year will be black stainless.

Spring design

Mixed Metals
It used to be an interior-design sin to mix your metals, but this season is blowing that tradition apart. You can now use brass faucets with a copper sink or an iron rack with accents of rose gold incorporated throughout. Your metals don’t have to match. Get creative.

Barn Door Television Covers
Most large rooms contain a huge television, but you don’t always want that to be the focal point of your décor. The most popular way to hide your TV in 2017 is to use an entertainment center with large cabinets that open and close like a barn door. This is a playful, rustic look that allows you to keep your television out of sight when necessary.

Farmhouse Dining Room
Say goodbye to your formal dining room. Dining rooms this season are laid back and comfortable like the family dining room tables of an old farmhouse. Choose solid, wooden pieces to store tableware, and decorate with family photos and some antique kitchen items like teapots or pans.

Make your home a comfortable and welcoming place this spring by incorporating some design trends that fit your lifestyle and personality. Use these 20 trends in home design to spark your imagination and get you started.

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