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Working diligently throughout the Pikes Peak Region is an organization comprised of volunteers on a mission to improve the lives of families in need of housing and living assistance – HBA Cares, Inc. (HBA – Housing and Building Association)

For those of you not familiar with HBA Cares, Inc. it is a non-profit organization founded by members of the housing and building industry who connect community needs to the skills and abilities of the Housing and Building Industry.

From Solid Rock’s point of view, HBA Cares is the head and spine of a heart driven entity that brings the arms and legs of the housing and building industry together in order to make vital projects come to fruition. The desire to positively impact the lives of those living in our local community is the heart force that can be seen driving this small, but mighty, organization. So, upon receiving a call from the Denver HBA (prompted by the Colorado Spina Bifida Foundation in Denver, Colorado), requesting aid to a Manitou couple in need of an ADA – accessible ramp, it was only natural for Mike DeGrant, President of the Colorado Springs HBA Cares team to reach out to local remodelers and home contractors – who are members of the HBA (Housing and Building Association) of Colorado Springs, Colorado, to meet the Armstrong’s need. Our team at Solid Rock Custom Homes was excited about the opportunity HBA Cares was providing to give back to our local community in such a way. By partnering with fellow contractors to build the ADA accessible ramp leading from the front door of the home to the garage, what once was a very challenging and dangerous task for Helen Armstrong would now be accomplished with greater ease.

Digging holes

The Crew Hard at Work

The Ramp project with HBA Cares

The Armstrong’s story has an exciting twist to it. Once Chuck Armstrong found out that their local, Colorado Springs HBA Cares would be building their ramp, he shared that his journey actually began with the HBA of Colorado Springs back in 1957, when at the age of 13 he received a letter from the HBA thanking him for his heroic act of saving the life of a drowning child at the Antlers Hotel. Now, 59 years later, the community and HBA Cares were able to reach out and help Chuck by building this ramp for his dear wife, Helen Armstrong. You can learn more about this story here.

From the garage
I don’t share this story with you to toot our own horns, or those of the fellow contractors who gave of their time, talents, and resources, but to share an example of how giving a little bit of yourself can have such a huge, positive effect on the lives of others. And in a world where we see and hear about so much bad happening around us, it is refreshing to know that there is so much good happening around us as well…and that there are organizations, such as HBA Cares, that make it easy for each one of us to become a partner in improving our community and the lives of those who surround us. There are vital and exciting community projects that HBA Cares of Colorado Springs has been called to execute, but they need support in order to make them a reality. There are a variety of ways to get involved, from financial support to donating your time, talents and resources. The personal fulfillment of knowing you improved someone’s life is hard to beat. To find out more about HBA Cares and how you can become involved in their outreach, go to

Our Solid Rock team would like to say THANK YOU to the following contractors who partnered with us to build the Armstrong’s ramp. We couldn’t have done it without you!


American Institute of Building Design (Bernie Kern)

BMC (Dawn Wheeler)

Budco Electric (Bud Bandfield, Chris Dallmann)

City of Manitou Springs (Sherri Crowley)

Colorado Springs Utilities

Groninger Concrete (Doug Groninger, Sam Srisamai, Rommel Serrano, Dan Terenzi)

Kanzler Foundations Inc. (Chuck Kanzler, Javier Garcia)

K-Rand Painting (Derwin Kiselich, John Thompson, Dustin Carabahal, Sterling Earl, Jimmy Wilson)

LGA Studios (Larry Gilland, Dawn Streb)

HBA Cares (Mike De Grant)

Pedersen Construction (Eric Pedersen, Ryan Armstrong, Shaun Amonette, Steven Archibald)

Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (Mindy Stuemke)

Pro-Build Lumber (Curt Becker)

Pro-Ex Contractors (Lacy Fuchs, Tim Martin)

Pryor Floor (Rick Wolken, Scott Englert)

RMG Engineering (Darin Shearer, John Lohman, Matthew Lundberg)

Sherwin Williams (Ben Gettler)

Timbers Diversified (Randy Simco, Ron Sandvik, Christy Sandvik)

Transit Mix Concrete (Jerry Schmitz)

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