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September is upon us! As we move into fall; full of autumn leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and crisp evenings, we are excited for all the comfort and fun the fall season brings. Yet, if there’s one thing we know about Colorado, it’s that there’s plenty more sunny and warm weather on the way.

Fall in Colorado is the perfect time to turn your focus from the busy summer; full of work deadlines, vacations, the kids’ hectic schedules, and sweltering weather, to your home as it will soon be filled with cozy nights, gatherings of family and friends, and the holidays. The cooler days and evenings provide a great opportunity to take a moment to stop and turn your attention to your home. Maybe you have your heart set on that remodel you’ve been thinking about for years or it’s time to start thinking about moving your growing family into a bigger home; maybe you’ve finally made the decision to build the home of your dreams (this summer’s Parade of Homes certainly provided plenty of inspiration for that across Colorado Springs).

Whether you have your heart set on a complete renovation, cosmetic remodel, or a new home. Here are a few things you can do to prep your home (and yourself) for whatever your next move may be. 

  1. Check up on your finances.

One thing about summers is that they can be, at times, crushing on the budget. After all, vacation expenses add up quickly and exploring the great outdoors of Colorado can be expensive.

September is a great time to pump the brakes for a moment and run a refresh on the budget. What are your goals for your home (current OR future)? If you’re thinking of taking out a mortgage on a new home, refinancing, or applying for a HELOC or personal loan for whatever you have in mind, calculating your current credit score and debt-to-income ratio can give you a benchmark for where you are, where you’re headed, and where you want to be. Sit down with your financial advisor, mortgage professional, and/or real estate broker and be honest and forthcoming about the goals you have for your home with a timeline for completion.

Fall shouldn’t be all work and no play, however. Don’t forget to put a little extra in the budget for getting your home prepped for your renovation, an upcoming appraisal, or just to add some seasonal fall touches like a leaved wreath or scented candles to add to that autumn feel.

  1. Clear out clutter.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Yard sales are a very popular weekend activity in the fall. So, why not capitalize? Clearing out your unwanted clutter and selling it at a yard sale or donating it to a donation center can be a great way to gain space in your home; all while earning a little extra cash or just plain feeling good about donating something that can still be used or treasured by another.

Clearing out your clutter now will also benefit you when it comes to your next move, be it a renovation, move, or build. Save yourself stress later and focus now on getting rid of what you don’t use.

  1. Sell your stuff.

Do you have items of value that have been sitting in the garage for decades… cold, alone, and waiting to be sold? Plan a weekend around it. List the item on an online auction site like eBay, or post the item for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Have higher-end items in need of an appraisal? What are you waiting for? Hire an appraiser to get it priced and sold. You’ll feel good to have the space… and the extra cash.

  1. Add curb appeal.

Adding curb appeal can be a benefit to you when it comes to getting an appraisal or selling your home. Autumn flowers are in full bloom and will be a lovely addition to your yard. Throw down some Revive on your lawn and get it manicured (either by yourself or with the help of a professional). As the weather cools, make any fixes to your fence or decking that could add to the appeal and functionality of your home.

Touch up the paint on your house, re-stain your deck, trim the foliage… not only will this help add curb appeal to your home but it will make those fall family gatherings impressive and even more fun and comfortable.

  1. Complete your Honey-Do list.

Do you have an ongoing list of home fixes stacking up? With living in your home day after day, especially if you have pets or kids, it’s bound to take a bit of a beating. Don’t let those small items build up. Plan a few days over the next month to get caught up.

A fresh coat of paint can add a freshness to your home that you will gladly welcome as you spend more and more time indoors. Other small fixes can give your home a welcomed little face lift. Doing little things like mending broken tiles, filling in wall dings and scuffs, touching up moulding, and replacing dingy door handles are small, inexpensive ways to freshen up your home for whatever your future brings.


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    - Kate Young

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