Wildernest Community Custom Home Lot, Breaking Ground

You know that feeling you get when something you have dreamed about for so long actually happens? The satisfaction of seeing your child grow into a successful adult, or that new coat of paint on your living room walls that you took three years to decide on, or maybe tearing up your mortgage after making your final house payment. Hopefully you’ve experienced that “cloud 9” feeling a time or two in life.

The first dirt - breaking ground during our official ground breaking ceremony in the Wildernest Community of Woodland Park for a Custom Home

For our clients, the day we actually break ground to begin building their beautiful custom home is basically that same feeling. They have dreamed, often saved, and planned for months, sometimes years for this day. The day when they get to strike a spade in the ground and turn over that fresh soil and stand in the place that will soon be their very own custom home, built exactly how they saw it in their dreams.

The beauty of building custom homes is that every one is unique, just as every one of our clients are unique. One personal touch that we enjoy providing our clients with is an official “ground breaking ceremony”; our most recent clients are no exception. They purchased a piece of land in the beautiful Wildernest community in Woodland Park, Colorado. Gorgeous views and beautiful trees surround their spacious lot.

As with any custom home, the process of building began months ago when they contacted Solid Rock Custom Homes to inquire about building their dream home. When they selected us as their builder, we began working with the architect and designers to develop the blueprints for us to build with. Once the design had been finalized and necessary permits acquired, the wonderful time had finally arrived to break that first ground on their empty lot.

Ground Breaking Toast, breaking ground in the wildernest community for a custom home.

We know that building a custom home might seem like a daunting task with many decisions and deadlines, but the ground breaking ceremony should be fun and exciting – complete with a glass of bubbly to toast the occasion. We brought out the entire team to the building site to celebrate!

As you can see from the photos, there were many mature trees on the lot that needed to be cleared out before building could begin. To honor those lovely trees, our clients have chosen to design a custom mantle, as well as shelves, using some of the logs. We can’t wait to see how beautiful those are going to be!

Breaking Ground in the Wildernest Community in Woodland Park Colorado

We’ll be tracking the progress on this beautiful home in the Wildernest community on our upcoming blogs and social media posts, but enjoy this sneak peek today. Below is an exterior rendering of what the final product will look like, courtesy of Bernie Kern of BBKernDesigns.


Front Rendering of Wildernest Custom Home in Woodland Park Colorado

If you’ve been dreaming of your own custom home, we’d love to help make your dream a reality too! Please contact us here or call 719-494-0932 for your complimentary consultation today.

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