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Four Steps to Design like a pro with Houzz

Building a custom home is an exciting time as you watch your dreams go from ideas to paper to the reality of walls and floors. But, before you can walk in the front door to your new dream home, there are so many decisions to be made; paint colors, room layout, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, flooring, and oh my, the lighting!

All the decisions involved in building a custom home may seem like an overwhelming project, but with great tools like Houzz the process can be fun and something the whole family can help with. Plus, after the dust has cleared and you’re ready to begin selecting furniture, pillow shams and lamp shades, Houzz goes beyond the room design and finishes to help you with all the accessories that make your dream home uniquely yours.

If you haven’t used before, here are a few tips to make you feel like an interior design pro and make the most of your experience on Houzz. Of course, we are with you to guide you through every step of the selection process. However, we’ve found that tools like Houzz are very helpful for discovering your personal style preferences and helping you select the final touches for your home.

Even if you’re not ready to begin work on your custom dream home, Houzz is a great tool to start dreaming with. If you have a Facebook account you can sign into Houzz with that and share your ideas with your friends too!

4 Steps to Design like a pro:

1. Set up an account:
Visit: to get started.  Houzz only requires an email address, user name and password. Or, you can sign into Houzz using your Facebook account. You don’t need an account to view the website, but if you want to create idea books and save your favorites, you must create an account.

Houzz Idea Book - Solid Rock Custom Homes2. Create your idea books:
Start with one idea book for each main room in your home. Kitchen, Living Room, Master Bedroom, Laundry Room, Family Room, – you get the idea. You can always create more, but it’s best to start simple and grow from there. Your Houzz account will come in handy long after we’ve cleared out and you’ve moved in!

3. Start with the room you are most excited about:
Start with the room you are most passionate about. If the kitchen is your passion, think about the gourmet meals you will serve from your custom chefs kitchen…What type of stovetop would you like to cook on? Will your sink be a double or triple sink? Will your range hood be a focal point in your kitchen or should it blend into the background?

Or maybe you’re most excited about your exquisite master bathroom… Will it have a free standing tub or maybe double showerheads? Do you want a window? Double sinks or separate his and hers vanities? As you think about these things, navigate through the options and add the photos that you love to your idea book for that room.

TIP: When adding photos to your idea books, be sure to include a note about each photo. This will help you later when you are reviewing the photos and trying to make final selections.

Kitchen Remodel - Solid Rock Custom Homes4. Ask Questions:
If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, Houzz also has a user forum where you can ask questions and post photos. They have a robust community of users that are excited about creating their perfect space, just like you. And if you want feedback on a design or photo, you can even upload it for discussion.
As always, our design team will walk you through all aspects of designing your dream home. We’ve found that Houzz helps make the experience fun and interactive as well as something you can share with your friends and us too!

And while you’re at, don’t forget to check out Solid Rock Custom Home’s page on Houzz; and most of all, have fun designing your dream!

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