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Choosing the Best Home - Customs Home Colorado SpringsUnderstand The Differences

You have decided to embark on the journey of building a new home. Will it be a production home, semi-custom or fully custom home? Understanding the differences between these homes will help you determine what type of home builder best suits your building wants, needs and budget and will help you when choosing the best home for your family.

The Production Home is generally built within a development and on land owned by the production builder. This type of home is available within a community, in several different price points and pre-determined floor plans. However, alterations to the floor plan are not an option for the homebuyer. The production home is referred to at times as a “cookie cutter” home, meaning its twin could reside just a few doors down. Due to the home being built from pre-existing floor plans, the production home can be built quickly, and in most cases, for less than the semi-custom and custom home. Building a production home can be simpler and faster, due to the interior and exterior selections already being predetermined by the builder, as well as the little involvement required by the home buyer. Building a production home is a good match for those who are not concerned about being limited on home design or interior and exterior selections.

A Semi-Custom Home falls between a production home and a custom home. A semi-custom home is typically built on land owned by the builder or buyer. This type of home is generally built from pre-existing floor plans that can be customized to meet the needs and wants of the home buyer. The semi-custom home is available in different price points due to the “standard selection package” vs. “upgraded and customized” pricing available to the home buyer. Since the semi-custom home is not a one-of-a-kind design it can usually be built quicker than the custom home, unless requested changes to the existing floor plan by the buyer requires engineering or building department approval. A semi-custom home is ideal for those who desire a variation on a standard plan adapted to their needs without the costs or time commitment involved in designing and building a fully custom home from scratch.

Choosing The Best Home - Custom Home in Colorado - Solid Rock Custom HomesThe Custom Home

A Custom Home is usually built on land that a buyer already owns or that the custom home builder helps locate. It is built from a one-of-a-kind floor plan, designed by an architect through the vision provided by the homeowner, and the collaborative efforts of the builder. Building a custom home offers the homeowner the most flexibility and involvement when it comes to building their home. The homeowner is in total control of the home’s budget, design, quality, location, interior and exterior selections. Due to the personalization of the custom home, alterations can be made, if needed, during the construction process. Building a custom home requires a partnership between the homeowner, architect, builder (also known as a General Contractor) and various trade contractors (aka sub-contractors) to be a successful and enjoyable experience. Surprisingly, the custom home is not always more expensive to build than the production or semi-custom home, but it will require a larger time commitment by the homeowner throughout the duration of the project, and usually takes longer to build than the semi-custom or production home. The custom home is for those who desire the satisfaction of being involved in creating a one-of-a kind, high quality home that will portray their individual lifestyle needs and unique tastes.

Building a home is one of the largest financial commitments you will make. Evaluating the type of home, and choosing whether it is a production, semi-custom, or custom, that best suits your lifestyle is the first step. Choosing the right homebuilder will be your next step. Regardless of the type of home you choose to build be sure to choose a builder that you are comfortable working with, who is experienced and who has a great reputation.

Solid Rock Custom Homes has been building and remodeling homes throughout beautiful, Colorado Springs, Colorado (El Paso, Teller and Douglas counties) since 1995. If we can assist you with locating that perfect piece of property and building your custom dream home please contact us at or call 719-494-0932. We look forward to meeting you! 

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