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Colorado Springs Custom Home Builder - Hire a builder before you buy land

Avoid the Heartache – Hire a Builder Before You Buy Land

Building a custom home is a very exciting endeavor, and a dream that most wish to obtain, however, for some it becomes a nightmare when they find out that the beautiful piece of land they have purchased to build their dream home ends up being unbuildable. That is why hiring a builder familiar with your desired area, before you purchase property, is a wise step to take to avoid such a nightmare.

Being a custom home builder in Colorado there are times we sadly run across this scenario.  The beauty of the mountains (and surrounding areas) have enticed those dreaming of living in the Wild West to walk her vast mountain tops while breathing in her fresh air.  Panoramic views of endless mountain ranges or city lights have sealed a deal, and one finds themselves a proud owner of a beautiful piece of land to build their dream home.

Stay Within Your Budget

Then the process begins: a builder is hired, soil tests are done, a budget is determined, home is designed, bank loan obtained, permits pulled, and the ground breaking day scheduled.  Finally, the day arrives as the homeowner watches the construction equipment whittle away at the ground that will soon house the foundation of their dream home and then…all comes to a screeching halt. Boulders, bad soil, or both stand in the way of progress until they are remedied. Situations like this can devastate a budget quickly, sending builder and homeowner back to the drawing board, or worse discontinuing the build altogether if the homeowner doesn’t have the funds for the over dig, boulder blasting, or caissons needed.

Colorado Springs Custom Home Builder - Hire a builder before you buy land
This magnificent home required bolder blasting. Another home we build required 58 caissons drilled that went down 40 feet, reinforced with rebar cages and then filled with 16 inches in diameter of concrete.

Minimize Surprises

Of course, the home building process will always have some unknowns when it comes to excavation, but having an understanding of what you might encounter on a piece of property will help you determine if that location realistically works with your building budget and prepares you for the excavation road ahead. Nothing compares to designing and building your dream home. Hiring an educated, custom home builder to give you that initial land buying guidance is well worth the small investment up front when it comes to building your dream home. Plus, having your builder selected and the peace of mind that brings, allows you to concentrate on the more exciting aspects of your custom home build.

Solid Rock Custom Homes is currently building homes throughout Colorado Springs and its surrounding counties. We have built custom homes in some of the most beautiful, yet challenging, landscapes Colorado has to offer.  If you are in need of a custom home builder in Colorado please give us a call at 719-494-0932, or visit our Contact Us page. We would love to talk with you about your dream home.

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    • Jade Brunet Reply

      April 19, 2017 at 11:23 pm.

      It is good to know that once a builder is hired, the soil tests can be started. Knowing that at this point, a budget can also be determined is helpful information. My dad tells me that it is best to interview potential contractors before committing to one to ensure that you have a right fit for the job.

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