As Solid Rock Custom Homes enters a new year of custom home building and remodeling, we excitedly wait to see what new trends will be embraced by those building their dreams homes, or remodeling their existing homes, to create a life of luxury in 2014.  Design experts within the building industry expect the following trends to ring true across the nation.

USocket - Top Trends for 2014Trend #1.  Technology – Due to the growing number of technology based products being used by family members, custom homes are being designed, and remodeled,  with more electric plug capabilities in each room and the ordinary wall socket is being replaced with the U-Socket, which offers two built-in USB ports to accommodate the recharging and use of multiple devices.  With the TV offering everything from computer games to 3-D movies, the TV niche is being replaced by large media areas, adorned with extreme, flat screen TVs and endless seating, providing the room needed for hours of gaming and viewing fun for everyone.   As smart technology continues to advance and enter our homes, small “server” rooms will be designed to hold needed components.

Mstr Bath - small - Top Trends for 2014Trend #2.  Embellished Bathroom Spas – Homeowners are investing high dollars to create a “spa” like oasis in the master bath.  Showers are being preferred to tubs and are growing in size to accommodate multiple shower heads, therapeutic body sprays, and steam systems, and are out-fitted with sound systems and benches for sitting or lying down.  The open, curb less shower stall with a channel drain is also in high demand, providing a luxury spa look while meeting multigenerational needs. Stand alone tubs have replaced the old tiled-in tub deck and are becoming beautiful, structural elements in the master retreat while offering an array of bathing experiences – from soothing massage to chromatherapy.   Natural stones, custom tiles and rich woods, in neutral tones will adorn these retreats, while varying shades of blue, green, gray, and purple will remain popular paint palates, bringing the elements of nature indoors while calming the mind and body.  The luxury spa bathroom would not be complete without radiant floor heating to add another layer of warmth and comfort, inviting you into the oasis and completing your spa experience with warm footsies to boot (pun intended).

Kitchen Detail - small - Top Trends for 2014Trend #3.  Super Kitchens – With the kitchen serving as an entertainment area, it will be growing in size in 2014 to accommodate huge islands required for food preparation, storage and greater seating capacity.  Rows of wooden cabinetry will give way to glass- front cabinets for displaying kitchen wares, as well as sections of floating shelves, open spaces, and displays of wall art.  Cabinet color and material trends seem to be more geographical specific, but gray and off-white, eco- friendly cabinetry remains predominate.  Mixing and matching countertop colors and materials continue their popularity.  Granite and quartz will remain the preferred countertop materials for durability and beauty while mixing in a butcher block area for functionality.   The use of black countertop material, especially honed or leathered granite, will be on the rise.  Stainless steel remains the leading choice when it comes to appliance finishes, however, with the highly desired, open floor plans, there will be an increase in appliances being integrated into cabinetry or furniture pieces to keep them from becoming the focal point of the kitchen.  The new, softer gray matte finishes on appliances will also be finding their way into these mammoth kitchens.  Lastly, the Pantry will no longer be a small, corner closet, but will be a large, effectively designed, well equipped walk-in space to house the bulk bought packages and appliances that no longer have a kitchen cabinet to call home.

Trend #4. Office relocated – The home office is becoming a needed space but will be relocated in 2014 from its isolated area at the front of the house to a more “practical” location situated near the “living hub” of the home – the kitchen and living room.  This valued space will be designed to accommodate the needs of the adult working from home as well as the teenager doing their homework.

Portrait multi-generation family outdoors - Top Trends for 2014Trend #5.  Multi-Generational living –  Due to economic and cultural changes facing us today, homeowners are choosing to design and build custom homes, or remodel their existing home, to accommodate multi-generational living.  These homes will be designed based on functionality, to house 2 to 3 generations, which include aging parents and the boomerang generation.  Aging-in-place concepts, such as wall mounted sinks, walk in bathtubs or curb less shower stalls, will be highly utilized throughout these homes to ensure functionality all generations.

contemporary-windows-and-doors - Top Trends for 2014Trend #6. Outdoor Living –  The desire to connect more with Mother Nature and increase living area will result in attached, covered outdoor living rooms.  Custom home and remodeling designs will incorporate walls of accordion folding glass, opening onto outdoor living rooms filled with overstuffed couches, built in kitchens, bars and fireplaces to meet every lounging and entertaining need.


Man Cave Exterior - Top Trends for 2014Trend #7. Large Garages –  Garages are not only housing cars but are becoming “Man Caves” and storage facilities, equipped with lofts, bathrooms, kitchens and lounging areas; and are outlined in metal shelving, cabinets and built-in work stations.


Trend #8. Modern to Modest – Industrial modern décor captured the hearts of many in 2013 but those remodeling, or designing a custom home in 2014, will lean towards a more relaxed, modest style.  The love for stone, metal, and wood will remain but they will exhibit softer, earthy hues in a rounder form.

Trend #9. Color Palates – Color trends for 2014 tend to be somewhat controversial among the design experts, however, they all seem to agree that bright colors – at least a splash of it, is definitely in.  For those who prefer calming colors, varying shades of blue, green, gray and purple are very popular.  The neutral palate for 2014 consists of grays, whites, black and charcoal greens.

Fireplace smaller - Top Trends for 2014Trend #10 – Self Expression – As a custom home builder, I think trend #10 is the embodiment of the luxury, custom home building and remodeling experience.  It allows the home owner to break the “design rules”, ignore the trends, and create their dream home- whatever that looks like for them.  In 2014 homeowners are going to let loose of “what will the neighbors think” mentality – with the exterior and interiors of their homes reflecting their personalities through design, color, and finishing products.

Whether you agree or not with the 2014 trends, Solid Rock Custom Homes can work with you to design and build your luxury dream home, or remodel your existing home, to meet your living needs and desires.  Don’t let 2014 pass without creating your own trend.  Contact us today at or 719-494-0932.  We look forward to working with you and making your dreams come true in 2014.


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