Six Home Remodeling Projects That Will Make Your Home More Luxurious

When spending time and money on home remodeling projects, why not think beyond just adding value to your home or making it more up-to-date? Have your home remodeling contractors take your remodel project to the next level by focusing on improvements that will add luxury and comfort to your life. Not only will your home increase in value, but your quality of life will improve at the same time.

Here are six home remodeling projects that will make your home more luxurious:

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1. A Spa-Like Bathroom
Transforming a ho-hum bathroom into a soothing, spa-like retreat will help your family feel like they’re at a high-end resort every day. For the most impact, replace a smaller, more cramped shower with a luxury walk-in shower. Adding a bench, steam settings, and multiple shower heads can add quite a dash of paradise to your life; and, if you or your spouse love to take baths, then you may want to also add a deep soaking tub for ultimate relaxation.

If you have room in your remodeling budget, adding bigger windows or a skylight will give your bathroom more natural light, making it a much more appealing place to shower and spend time. A sleek under-mounted sink that fits into a granite or quartz topped cabinet will pull the whole luxurious look together. Don’t overlook special touches and details like recessed lighting, bronze fixtures, and a heating rack for your towels.

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2. A More Beautiful and Functional Kitchen
The kitchen isn’t just where meals are prepared. It’s also where your family and friends gather. When you transform a dated kitchen into something stunning and super functional, the feel of your whole home will improve. Old, outdated counters and backsplashes are often the first things to go during a kitchen remodel. Cabinets can be replaced or repainted, depending on their condition and how much you like their overall style.

One luxury feature to consider adding is a walk-in pantry. Just imagine how great it will feel to walk in and grab your dinner ingredients instead of reaching into dark, overcrowded cabinets. Another luxury kitchen idea that’s gaining popularity is hidden appliances, including refrigerators with gorgeous cabinet fronts, and pull-out microwave drawers, allowing your appliances to become a beautiful part of your overall design scheme.

Replacing shorter cabinets with those that stretch all the way to the ceiling will make your kitchen look larger and more impressive, while also giving a serious boost to your kitchen storage capacity.


3. Quartz Countertops
Quartz countertops are overtaking granite in popularity thanks to their beauty and practicality. Replacing outdated, older counters in your kitchen or bathroom with quartz will automatically make your home look more luxurious. And you can keep that look of luxury for many years to come. Quartz is incredibly durable, easy to maintain and clean, and almost impossible to stain thanks to its non-porous nature. Quartz countertops have an upscale look and come in a variety of colors to best complement your overall decor.

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4. Heated Flooring
Adding radiant heating to specific rooms is often surprisingly affordable and will add a popular luxury to your home. Instead of dreading stepping onto cold bathroom or kitchen tile on winter mornings, your heated flooring will make you feel pampered and cozy. If you are putting new hardwood or tile flooring in your living room or bedrooms as part of your overall remodeling efforts, you may want to add heating at the same time. While more common in bathrooms and kitchens, heated floors can add comfort (and even lower your heating bills) throughout your home.

Outdoor Kitchen - Luxurious Home Remodeling Projects

5. Outdoor Kitchen
While a chef’s kitchen inside your home is nice, an even more luxurious surprise is to add a gourmet outdoor kitchen. A high-end outdoor kitchen will take those summer barbecues up a notch, and give your whole family an excuse to hang out and spend time together outside. A sink or wetbar will make it easier to prepare meals and cocktails outside while entertaining, and will also make clean-up a breeze.

Other features to consider adding are stainless cooktops, a full size refrigerator, a pizza oven, and a pergola or retractable shade for sun protection. Don’t forget to add weatherproof wireless speakers so you can listen to your favorite tunes while whipping up gourmet treats for friends and family.


6. An Elevator
Having an elevator in your home may sound like an affectation of the mega-wealthy, but it’s worth serious consideration during a major remodel. If you have a multi-story home and have the space and budget for an elevator, adding one can make your entire life easier and yes, more luxurious. If you or members of your family are aging and experiencing mobility issues, an elevator can feel like a true lifesaver since you can skip navigating steps with aching joints and instead comfortably get from one floor to another. An elevator is an especially smart idea if anyone in your family is in a wheelchair.

Having an elevator also means bringing kids, heavy objects, and cleaning supplies from one floor to another with a simple press of a button. No matter what stage of life your family is experiencing, an elevator may make a lot of sense.

When deciding which projects to incorporate into your home, it’s best to start with the guidance of an experienced builder. A well-qualified and knowledgeable builder can help you make your existing home the luxurious oasis that you’ve been dreaming of.

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