Do I need an interior designer when building my custom home.

At Solid Rock Custom Homes we believe a custom home build, or renovation, is one of the most exciting endeavors an individual could experience. However, with so many decisions to be made by the homeowner, the experience can quickly become overwhelming, and even daunting, at times. That is why we also believe that hiring a professional interior designer, at the onset of the custom home design or remodel, offers many benefits to a homeowner – from alleviating stress to ensuring that the end result is truly one’s dream home. To fully explain our reasoning behind this belief we turn to Lindy Gerard, professional interior designer, and owner of Bella Casa boutique in Monument, CO.


Do I need an Interior Designer?
Lindy Gerard, professional interior designer, and owner of Bella Casa boutique in Monument, CO.

There’s a common misconception that people think interior designers are too expensive and that they can’t afford one.  But, in reality, a good designer can help a client not only save money but reduce headaches down the road as well.  When looking at blueprints or walking through a home newly under construction a designer is looking at the end result.  She’s imagining artwork on the walls, furniture in place, lamps where they should be.  It can be so helpful to have a designer involved in the process at the very beginning of building a new house or a renovation. Two quick personal examples come to mind immediately.

I was hired by a client to help them with a very large, very beautiful custom home at the stage that the foundation had been poured and the framing was just beginning.  The builder was very proud of his design, as he should have been.  I could tell it was going to be a beautiful home when finished. But just walking through the first time I noticed that the master bedroom didn’t have a wall large enough for a king size bed and two nightstands.  The builder had cut the corner off one wall thinking the angle added interest.  No one else had foreseen this, but the homeowner knew they wanted a nightstand on each side of the bed.  The result was that additional foundation had to be poured and tied into the existing slab and the framing had to be re-worked.  This would have been far more costly had it not been realized in time.  And had it never been noticed the homeowner would never have had the master bedroom they’d been dreaming about.

Another example is a client who brought me in at the stage of construction that the framing was complete as well as the electrical wiring.  They asked me to do a walk through with them.  There were several walls that didn’t have outlets where I knew we’d want lamps, as well as light switches and thermostats in the middle of walls where I knew we’d want art work.  With a little bit of re-wiring we were able to take care of everything before it became too costly.

These are just two quick examples of how important and beneficial it can be to hire a designer when building a new home and hiring one early on in the process can ultimately save money and problems down the road. 

Lindy Gerard is the owner and designer at Bella Casa, a boutique home decor and gift store in Monument.  The shop reflects her award winning design style and her impeccable taste in selecting beautiful things for the home.  Some well known lines include Sid Dickens Memory Blocks, Vietri Italianware, Beatriz Ball and Lampe Berger.  The store also features moderately priced original oil paintings, fun and Funky Rock Wine Dispensers and a fabulous variety of lamps, accessories, jewelry, and gift items.  Currently Bella Casa is a Christmas Wonderland, decorated for the holidays with everything you’ll need to make your own home sparkle with joy as you welcome friends and family to your home. 

We hope that Lindy Gerard’s insight has been beneficial in helping you determine the importance of hiring an interior designer to assist you with your custom home or renovation design process. If you are in need of a custom home builder in the Colorado Springs, CO area we would love to sit down with you over a cup of coffee and discuss how we can help you create your dream home. We can even arrange for Lindy Gerard to be there too! Please contact us at or at 719-494-0932. We look forward to hearing from you. 🙂


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