Black Forest Fire: Rebuilding

Black Forest FireIn every disaster there are those who step up to help, and then there are those who seek to take advantage of those already hurting.  We saw this last year after the Waldo Canyon Fire, and we’re seeing it again this year.  This is a repost of a blog we wrote to help those affected by the Waldo Canyon Fire, and the same tips hold true this year:

  1. Beware of out-of-town contractors that are willing to help you reconstruct your residence in a quick manner.  Out-of-town contractors will not be around after all of this is over to offer, or follow through on, warranty services.
  2. Check with the Better Business Bureau (, 719-636-1155) for licensed contractors in the area to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable community contractor.
  3. Confirm that your contractor is properly licensed and insured before engaging their services.  If they are asking you to pull the permit, that probably means that they are not licensed or insured.  Whoever pulls the permit is responsible for the work if there is a problem in the future.
  4. If you have lost your home, having an engineer, a contractor, and your insurance agent involved will help determine if the foundation is a total loss or can be salvageable.
  5. If your house has been damaged but can be repaired, have the contractor explain to you in detail the appropriate methods to ensure a proper restoration.  Check with the BBB and the Housing and Building Association (, 719-592-1800) for reputable fire and restoration companies that can assist you with restoring your home.
  6. Review the contract thoroughly and make sure you understand it in its entirety.  If something is unclear, ask for more clarification.  When possible, have an attorney look it over.  Do not pay large deposits up front to secure the contractor.  Make progress payments to the contractor to ensure your work is getting completed.

By following these tips, hopefully your life and home can be restored in a timely manner and be less stressful.  When you are ready to rebuild your home with a proven custom home builder, we would be honored to take you through the process.  Whether or not you choose to involve Solid Rock in the process, we pray that your life and home will be restored and you can go back to enjoying life with your family and friends.  We will be here when you need us.

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