20130920_165925One of the perks of being in the home building business is that we get to meet with other people who share our passion and help each other stay up-to-date on the latest in the home building industry.  The group we meet with is called our Builder 20 group and consists of other home building companies around the country.  The group is structured so that none of us are competitors, and we can freely share our knowledge without any concern of competition.  You can read a little more about our group here.

We met with our Builder 20 group September 18-22.  During this particular meeting, we had the privilege of hearing from business coach Dennis Duroff.  Dennis has been speaking to business professionals for over 20 years on how to lead more satisfying lives and develop more productive and successful businesses.  We also heard from represenatives of industry leaders such as Thermador, Generac, and Lutron in regard to their latest technologies and products for residential use.  Thermador has been making20130920_085818 luxury kitchen appliances for over 70 years, from their first wall oven in 1947 to the first full-surface induction cooktop in 2012. Generac is the maker of back-up residential generators, and Lutron is the industry leader for home lighting controls.

Over the years we have found our Builder 20 meetings to be immensely valuable, allowing us to glean from the knowledge of other successful builders in our field, as well as remain current on cutting edge technologies for our clients.  And all of that means that we are better equipped to help our clients make their dreams a reality.


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