No one who was in Colorado Springs on June 26 will ever forget seeing the Waldo Canyon Fire come over the ridge and wipe out hundreds of homes.  But though the tragedy will live on in our memories, those of us who weren’t directly affected by the fire have gone on with our lives.   Things aren’t quite as simple for those who lost their homes.  Sometimes the mental and emotional toll from such a stressful event can take a while to become apparent.

Aspenpointe, a local non-profit that offers, among other things, behavioral health services, has published this document to help victims identify responses to trauma.  Yes, it’s been nine months, but losing a home is a major event, and help is still available!

Waldo Support Team Brochure.indd
For more help, please visit or As always, if there’s anything Solid Rock can do for you, please contact us!

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