IMG_3340As a custom homebuilder we have the privilege of working with a vast array of clients to create unique, custom dream homes that portray individual living needs and styles. Whether Solid Rock Custom Homes is building a $500,000 dollar home or a multi-million dollar home for a client, the same rings true for both.

Typically our custom homes consist of real wood flooring, doors and cabinetry, along with natural stones and metals. However, when these desired items become either impossible to use in a given area, too costly, or simply do not exist, the Solid Rock team is required to think outside the box – and sometimes this means faux is the way to go.

Fireplace smallerIf the word “faux” makes you think of the silk flowers in your neighbor’s 
garden, let me just take a minute to explain the beauty behind “faux.”

Recently, Solid Rock Custom Homes completed a beautiful, Adobe style 
home. In order to stay true to the architectural elements found in an 
Adobe home, the walls were curved throughout the home and adorned in 1×6-
inch, knotty alder wood trim. Although these design elements were 
beautiful, they presented great challenges to the trim carpenters, since
the thick trim could not be manipulated around the curves. To remedy the problem, a 1×8-inch piece of rubber flex trim was ripped down to a 1×6-inch trim and faux painted to match the knotty alder trim. As you can see, the finished product turned out beautiful and you could not tell the faux painted trim from the natural wood trim.

Faux painting was also used on the Adobe fireplace where a cement slab was used for the hearth and faux painted to look like wood. The metal vents were also painted so they would disappear into the wood surroundings.

CT Hood smallerWhen the homeowner wanted a copper vent hood in the kitchen, the Solid Rock team created it at a fraction of the cost by making the hood out of drywall and faux painting it to look like copper and adorned with metal accent strips. Clearly Faux was the way to go for this amazing finish.

Whatever your reason may be for using faux painting, keep in mind that it is no simple task to trick the eye. Hiring a professional faux painter will save you a lot of frustration, time and money.

Our team at Solid Rock Custom Homes would love to talk with you about the home of your dreams. (Contact us here) To view more photos of this and other beautiful homes visit our gallery on


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