There are many custom home builders in the Colorado Springs area, so why choose Solid Rock over other custom home builders?  Writing from the perspective someone who has been in the industry for a little while (not necessarily writing as a representative of Solid Rock), let me tell you a few things I’ve observed.

But first, let me give you a little background about me.  I’ve been working for Solid Rock for a couple years doing some marketing, social media, and website maintenance.  I will soon be transitioning out of this position due to some family changes (with kid #2 on the way, I’m ready to devote all my time to motherhood!), and I just wanted the opportunity to put some of my own personal thoughts down about my experience working with Solid Rock Custom Homes.

  1. Solid Rock Custom Homes provides an unbelievable client experience.  If you’ve ever been to any kind of expo featuring various local builders, or browsed their websites, it’s hard to pick which builder is the “best.”  There are several custom home builders who can provide examples of beautiful finished products.  However, you cannot tell from a finished product what went into the story of building that home.  Lain Chappell’s clients are very satisfied clients, not just because they love their finished home, but because they enjoyed the process.  For an example, watch the testimonial video we have here on the website! The couple in that video built their Colorado custom home all the way from Chicago, and Lain did an incredible job keeping them involved in the process.  That level of customer service is not the exception, it’s the rule – Lain and the rest of his staff know how to keep clients involved and satisfied from start to finish.  
  2. Solid Rock Custom Homes has an unyielding commitment to quality.  As stated before, Solid Rock is not the only Colorado Springs custom home builder that can build a quality home, but I can tell you from an insider’s perspective, quality is a top priority.  I think that the amazing customer experience is something that just naturally flows out of the company’s internal culture, but the commitment to quality is something that is intentionally prioritized.  Neither Lain nor production manager Mat will tolerate less-than-optimal work from trade contractors.  In fact, that’s one thing that sets custom home builders apart from each other: their relationship with quality trade contractors.  Lain has been in the construction business since the mid-90’s and has built solid relationships with quality trade contractors, which is ultimately what allows Solid Rock to deliver a fantastic product.
  3. Solid Rock Custom Homes will stay on budget and on schedule.  These are matters of integrity to Lain and the team.  When it’s time to pick out various elements of your home, Lain will only show you items that are in your budget.  We have had clients whose tastes ran a little more expensive than they originally planned and insisted on seeing choices outside of their budgeted price range, and they either went over-budget or had to postpone finishing certain things (like a basement or landscaping).  That can’t really be helped.  But if you can stick to the price range for your selections that you choose at the outset, Lain and the staff will do everything they can to help you stick to it too.
  4. Solid Rock Custom Homes delivers a beautiful product.  With their commitment to quality, budget, and custom experience, there’s really no other possible outcome than an amazing product.  You can see from the photos on the website that Solid Rock builds extraordinary homes.  Other builders can post photos demonstrating the same.  But, not all builders can make the other claims that this blog makes.

If you try to choose a custom home builder based solely on the finished product, you will have a hard time choosing among the various custom home builders in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.  But take it from someone who has gotten to know the folks who make up Solid Rock Custom Homes: you will not regret choosing Solid Rock, not just for the finished home, but for everything along the way.  I can tell you without hesitation that if I were going to build a custom home, I wouldn’t even consider another builder; I’d pick Solid Rock above the others in a heartbeat.

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